Bicyclists gaze out towards the Niagara River

Rentals at Niagara Falls State Park

All rental operations have been discontinued as of 8/1/2019

The rentals tent is located outside of the Visitor Center on the lower level behind the building.

Hours of Operation
Closed for the 2018 season. Please check back for 2019 hours of operation!

Transport wheelchair rentalWheelchair Rentals
Transport wheelchair rentals are available for those who need assistance with walking around Niagara Falls State Park. Wheelchairs can be used on the Trolley, as the Trolleys have lifts. They can also fit easily into elevators or car trunks.

Also, the wheelchairs can get wet, so they can be used on Maid of the Mist, and also on Cave of the Winds (access to main deck only). The wheelchairs can hold up to 450 lbs. of weight, are 21" wide, and include hand brakes.

Stroller rentalStroller Rentals
Foldable stroller rentals feature rubber tires and three wheels. They're easy to push, provide a comfortable ride, as well as ample cargo space for purses and backpacks. All strollers have covers that help keep harmful UV rays away from their tiny travelers.

Visitors can use foldable strollers on the Niagara Falls State Park's Trolley, to visit restaurants, or put them in their cars without taking up much room – while making navigating the park easier.

Kid wagon rental Kid Wagon Rentals
Kid wagon rentals can be used to transport two kids at the same time, or to pull around book bags, luggage, purses, or souvenir bags! The wagons are easy to fold, making it possible to take on the park's Trolley. Navigation is easy, as the wagons feature two front wheels that pivot, and four wheels total.

2018 Rental Pricing

Item Price
$10 - First hour
$20 - Half day (Four hours)
$35 - All day (Six or more hours)
Stroller, Kid Wagon $10 - First hour
$20 - Half day (Four hours)
$35 - All Day (Six or more hours)

Not sure how long you’ll need the rental item? Just pay for the first hour, then pay the price difference when you return. Cash and credit card payments are accepted for rentals.