Apply For Niagara Falls Filming Permits

Interested in filming in Niagara Falls State Park? You’re not alone. It’s actually one of the world’s most highly requested film shooting destinations. After all, the enduring majesty of Niagara Falls has captured the imaginations of millions of visitors from around the world.

Located just 30 minutes from Buffalo, New York, where plenty of crew and equipment are available for rent, Niagara Falls State Park is the “premiere” place to film the Falls. The first step in finding the perfect shot is a permit application.

Permits are required for commercial shoots for film or still photography. Personal photography does not require a permit.

The operation of drones in the federally restricted airspace over Niagara Falls is prohibited.

Permit fees and the need for additional insurance coverage will be evaluated once a permit application is submitted.

Please plan for your permit to take at least two weeks to be approved, although exceptions can be made in certain situations.

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For more information on shooting at Niagara Falls State Park, please contact:

Angela P. Berti
Phone: (716) 278-1764